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Friday, October 12, 2012

Contacts+ for Android

I have been using a Samsung Galaxy S3 since it came out in Turkey. (About 5 months) And the default Contacts application of my phone has been a real pain for me for a long time. (It was slow and unresponsive.)

After trying many replacement applications that are out in the market, finally I found exactly what I need. A simple, yet smart contacts application that suits all my needs. It's fast and very easy to use and its integration with social networks is amazing. I always get the current profile picture of my contacts from facebook. The application also comes with useful widgets. Also customer care is very important for Gentoo Labs. They have answered all my annoying questions with great respect and swiftness.

If you want to try here is the Google Play link for the application or just scan this with your QR scanner.
Google Play - Contacts +

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